T.I.L.T Mentoring

T.I.L.T. (Teenage Independent Living Training) Mentoring goal is to provide a caring adult in youth’s life who are living in our group homes, supportive housing units and in the community. The mentor will engage in building a caring, nurturing relationship with the youth to help develop character, social leadership skills, career interests and educational choices through social activities:

Program Services

  • Job Shadowing

  • Exploring post-secondary institutions

  • Participating in recreational activities

  • Exploring career paths

Want to make a Youth Referral?

Questions? We would gladly accept questions regarding referrals, additional information and requests for presentation of services provided by LifeTies, Inc. by contacting Deanna Eaves or Teri Triano-Davis.

Deanna Eaves

Teri Triano-Davis

Mentor Coordinators

(609) 671-0040

deaves@lifeties.org, ttriano-davis@lifeties.org

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Come to an information session offered twice a month to learn about the program.

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