Mentoring Program

The objective of our Mentoring Program is to provide caring adults in for vulnerable youth living in the community, in our supportive housing units and our group homes. The trained volunteer mentor will engage in building a caring, nurturing relationship with the youth to help develop character, social leadership skills, career interests and educational choices through social activities.

Program Services:

  • Job Shadowing
  • Exploring post-secondary institutions
  • Participating in recreational activities
  • Exploring career paths

Want to make a Youth Referral?

Questions? We would gladly accept questions regarding referrals, additional information and requests for presentation of services provided by LifeTies, Inc. by contacting:


Teresa "Teri" Triano-Davis

Mentor Coordinator

(609) 771-1600

Sehrish Rashid

LGBTQ+ Mentor Coordinator


Interested in becoming a mentor?

Come to an information session offered three times a month to learn about the program.

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