Youth and Family Pride Center

Our Youth and Family Pride Center provides an array of services for youth identifying as LGBTQ+ as well as support for families of LGBTQ+ youth. Our experienced staff take referrals from schools and other social service providers working with youth who are struggling with mental health challenges, bullying, acceptance and in need of support. Below are some of the services we provide:

Counseling and Support Services:

• Individual Short Term Counseling
• Support Groups for Youth and Families
• Life Skills Training for older youth
• Psychoeducation for youth on being supportive allies
• Psychoeducation for families
• Access to LGBTQ+ Resources for therapy, health care, housing and other assistance for youth and families

Mentoring Services:
Our mentors engage in building a caring, nurturing relationship with the
youth to help develop confidence, self-esteem, and life skills through goal oriented activities.

• Mentors are trained volunteers.
• Our program uses evidence based training with a blended learning approach of on-line and in-person
training. Mentors work with youth for 6-12 months to reach their goals.
• Mentees are matched with Mentors with common interests.
• Mentors meet 4 hours a month.

Want to make a Referral?

Questions? We would gladly accept questions regarding referrals, additional information and requests for presentation of services provided by LifeTies, Inc. by contacting:


Carson Eckard, M.S., LAC, NCC

Pride Center Resource Coordinator