LifeTies, Inc. Triad & Rainbow Houses are accepting referrals!

Both programs provide treatment for the youth and their families to achieve their goals. Our clinical department can work closely with family, or care providers to grow and develop positive connections so that clients will have lifetime relationship. Our services include life skills training, education, community outreach, peer support, as well as providing individual, group, and family treatment for our clients and their families. LifeTies, Inc. promotes a safe and inclusive environment for all youth and emphasizes the importance of youth understanding and celebrating diversity regarding their sexual orientation, religion, and ethnicity. Our youth face numerous challenges. LifeTies, Inc. works with adolescents to manage and overcome the effects of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. LifeTies, Inc. provides a nurturing, supportive and structured environment where our youth can develop trust, grow and become positive and productive members of society.

  • TRIAD HOUSE, is accepting referrals for adolescent males and females, ages 16-21: Triad House is a 24-hour residential group home for youth ages 16-21 with emotional, chronic health and behavioral challenges. Triad House specializes in working with youth who identify as LGBTQ; and fosters an environment that is open and accepting of all youth.
  • RAINBOW HOUSE is accepting referrals for adolescent females age 12-21: Rainbow House is a 24-hour residential group home that specializes in working with youth with chronic health conditions; those who are pregnant and parenting (infants and toddlers up to 18 months old); and youth with emotional and behavioral challenges.

All referrals will go through PerformCare’s youthlink.  You can contact PerformCare to gain access to YouthLink by calling 1-877-652-7624.  Visit their website for additional information at

We would gladly accept questions regarding referrals, additional information and requests for presentation of services provided by LifeTies, Inc. by contacting the following:

Vivian Harmon- 609-771-4221 (Triad) or 609-394-6747 (Rainbow)

Emily Mattek- 609-882-4485 (Clinical Services)

We look forward to working with you!

LifeTies also offers a living skills and supportive housing program:

T.I.L.T. (Teenage Independent Living Training) is a program that serves male and female adolescents, ages 15-22, which focuses on independent living skills for those without family support. T.I.L.T. can only accept youth referred by the  Child Protection and Permanency (CP&P) and Unified Care Management (UCM). Please contact Robin Wilkins, T.I.L.T. Program Director at with referral questions.

Mary’s Place is a supportive housing program for aging out youth (male and female), ages 18-21. Please contact Robin Wilkins, Mary’s Place Program Director at with referral questions.